Frequently Asked Questions about Electrolysis
and Laser Hair Removal

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1. Is electrolysis or laser hair removal right for me?

Permanent hair removal is a great solution for anyone who would like a solution to excess hair. Many often wonder how to differentiate laser vs electrolysis. The key question is simply: which treatment modality is the right choice based on body area, skin and hair color? At ProLuma we can specifically tailor treatments to each body area using electrolysis or Laser or a combination of both. We require that all prospective clients complete a thorough consultation to determine what the right methodology should be.

* It is important to note that hair that is red, blonde, or white in color can only be treated with electrolysis.

2. What should I expect from a consultation?

Each new consultation is a chance for honest discussion on goals, expectations and hair removal needs. Stephanie Fracassa, C.P.E views it as an invaluable time for determining if this is the right treatment partnership for every party involved. A consultation always includes a medical history intake, a complete explanation of electrolysis and/or laser hair removal and an evaluation of every client’s case and treatment recommendation. The consultation could include a 15-30 minute electrolysis session or a laser hair removal patch test if there are no contraindications to treatment present on the day of the consultation. Consultations are complimentary, but treatment is not.

3. What is the difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal?

Electrolysis is the general term used for three modalities of permanent hair removal. All use a pre-sterilized, disposable probe that targets the follicle to destroy its ability to regenerate a hair. This destruction is achieved by creating heat in the follicle (thermolysis) or a chemical reaction (electrolysis) or a combination of the two (the Blend Method). All three modalities are precise and direct, treating one hair follicle at a time. Anyone can be treated with electrolysis regardless of skin color and hair color.

Laser hair removal works by delivering an intense beam of highly selective light that is converted to heat energy when absorbed by pigment cells in the hair without damaging the skin. This process is called Selective Photothermolysis. Laser yields the best results when treating dark hair and lighter skin types.

4. How long does laser vs electrolysis hair removal treatment take?

Electrolysis and Laser both require multiple treatments over the course of 12-18 months.

  • Laser reduces most hair growth after 6-8 treatments scheduled every 6-8 weeks. Adhering to a regular hair removal schedule will eliminate most hair growth after six months and all hair growth after 12-18 months.
  • Electrolysis requires completely clearing all unwanted hair growth from the treatment area each month. The number of treatments required depends on each client’s hair density.

5. Which method is more comfortable, electrolysis or laser hair removal?

With Proluma’s superior, modern equipment, the highest level of comfort is assured with both electrolysis and Laser.

6. What areas can be treated with electrolysis and laser?

Most areas of the body can be safely treated with electrolysis and laser. Moles on the skin can only be treated with electrolysis.

7. What is the cost of laser vs electrolysis for permanent hair removal?

Electrolysis treatments are priced based on session time. Laser treatments are priced based on the size of body area. Pricing is reasonable considering both electrolysis and laser hair removal are investments with permanent results and treatment packages are offered for both methods. For more specific information, please contact us directly.

8. Are there any considerations to be aware of?

There are some contraindications for both treatments, depending on the health of the client, but all are temporary. A thorough consultation will determine what treatment is safe for whom. Pregnancy is not usually a contraindication for either method, but clearance from a physician will be required. Hormones fluctuate during pregnancy and after delivery, so often it is best to wait for hormone levels to normalize before having electrolysis or laser hair Removal.